gardenunion broker service

We search for gardenunions in your area and provide contact details

Offer for you:

  • We research for you up to 10 gardenunions in your area
  • You will receive a list of gardens with currently vacant gardens
  • On the basis of the list you can choose your favourite garden and contact the association

We take your address from your PayPal invoice. In addition, we ask you the topicality of this address by e-mail.<!– wpml:html_fragment


Search time<!– wpml:html_fragment

–>: 4-5 days

Delivery of

the search results will be done as PDF by e-mail.


in advance

1) We use all possible means to guarantee you a good search result. If there are no allotment gardens available in your region, your town or your village or if there are no clubs within a radius of 10 km, you have no right to a refund of your search order.
2) The respective association decides for itself if and when it can come to a lease.

Price: 49,00€ gross

incl. 19% value added tax

Service Level
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