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Garden 70

Association: Kleingartenverein "Sonnenhügel" e.V.
Location: Ribnitz-Damgarten
Overall Size: 541 m²
Arbour size: 14 m² (Holz)
Valuation: VB + annual rent: 87 € / Jahr

Vereine mit freien Gärten in Deutschland

Es wurden 30 freie Gärten in 7 Verein(en) gefunden.

Gartengemeinschaft Flora e. V.

Location: Forst (Lausitz)

9 freie Gärten im Verein vorhanden.

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KGV Sonnenhügel e.V.

Location: Ribnitz-Damgarten

2 freie Gärten im Verein vorhanden.

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Kleingartensparte „Sonnenschein“ Rodewitz/Spree e.V.

Location: Kirschau

7 freie Gärten im Verein vorhanden.

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Kleingartenverein „Zur Aue“ e. V.

Location: Dresden

5 freie Gärten im Verein vorhanden.

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Kleingärtnerverein Coschützer Hang e.V.

Location: Dresden

2 freie Gärten im Verein vorhanden.

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Location: Ludwigslust

1 freie Gärten im Verein vorhanden.

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Kleingartenanlage Dorotheenstraße e.V.

Location: Zwickau

4 freie Gärten im Verein vorhanden.

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- in a few seconds Our tool includes dozens of allotment garden associations all over Germany. There are also garden friends in your area who are currently offering a piece of nature for lease. Just enter your place of residence, click on "Search" - and we will suggest allotments that are looking for new members. You have found a club that offers free places? Then simply write or call the responsible board. Or find out more about the garden plot you would like to rent on the KGV website.

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For many associations, the tool shows directly on the map whether and how many gardens are advertised for lease. If this is not the case, it may still be that the club is currently looking for tenants. So it's best to contact your favourite directly and ask.

You cannot find an allotment garden association near you?

There are about 14,000


garden associations in Germany. So there is bound to be at least one association where you live - it just hasn't registered in our garden exchange yet. So if you know an allotment garden site that is still missing on our map, please share this tool with the board. This will certainly increase your chances that the next free allotment for rent will be yours...

With the tool as KGV simply rent out the allotment garden

Unfortunately many garden sites are affected by vacancies. Others manage to lease their allotments - but only after great efforts. That's why we want to help your garden club get more choice when looking for tenants. Our tool contributes to this. It forwards many searchers directly to your allotment association. If you want to sell or rent an allotment, you have complete freedom: many requests from which you can choose the perfect tenant. In our blog we write about why your leisure garden can never have enough interested parties.

So it is worthwhile to register your association in the allotment exchange. And it is free of charge: We only need your name and address. We also recommend that you include your website, e-mail address and telephone number. This way interested people can get in touch with you directly.

Find even more allotment gardeners

with the premium profile Make sure that your offer stands out from the competition. With a premium profile you increase the chances that tenants will take notice of you in the tool. You can add your logo, photos of the available plots and a contact person. In addition, there is the possibility to refer directly to the notice board of the vacant allotment garden. Via link, tenants come directly to the information about the respective allotment garden. This saves you the time-consuming telephone calls in which interested parties ask for the same data again and again (size of the plot, when it will be available for lease, ...).

By the way: Your club will already attract the attention of those looking for it on the map. Because we show directly how many free gardens are currently advertised.

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: your own website

Make it even easier for interested parties to lease an allotment garden from you. By linking the website of your allotment garden association with our tool, you give them the opportunity to get to know you better. This has several advantages.

5 ways how a homepage helps to rent out allotment gardens

  • 1. You can be found on Google: 7600 people google "allotment garden" every month. Some of them probably live right near you. With an OUR KGV ONLINE website you have the chance that they will find you on Google - without you having to do anything else.

  • 2. You can convince tenants better: If you are looking for a new apartment on the Internet, do you call the address that doesn't share photos? Or the one that presents every corner of the flat attractively? It's the same with allotments. With a nice appearance you convince prospective buyers to call you.

  • 3. It saves the board time: when talking to potential tenants, the same questions come up again and again. If you explain them once on the website, you save yourself endless phone calls with prospective tenants who are not a perfect fit for the KGV after all.

  • 4. You find better tenants: By being personal on the homepage - with photos, rules, explanations - you convey an image to the outside world. Prospective tenants notice immediately whether they fit in with your KGV. If "barbecue prohibited" is already written on the website, tenants to whom barbecue is important will not apply in the first place. This way, both sides avoid annoying misunderstandings.

  • 5. And the best: If you order an allotment garden homepage from UNSER KGV ONLINE, the number of your free gardens is automatically updated in the allotment garden finder! With the premium profile you will never have old information in the finder - without any additional effort.

A website is not as expensive as you think

OUR allotment association ONLINE can help you get a practical and affordable website up and running in less than a day. Our websites in different designs are available for only 10 Euro per month. That's all you need to find tenants. Because it contains everything you need for the perfect online presence:

  • - Space for texts & photos that present your club.
  • - A download area for membership applications and other forms.
  • - An "allotment garden market place" where you present all free plots.
  • - A calendar to advertise events.
  • - A blog to share news.
  • - A newsletter for your members.
  • - The highest level of security and privacy for long-term operation.

We are your one-stop shop. As we are experts for allotment gardens - and members of a KGV ourselves - we know what suits you. Choose now the design you like.

P. S.: For 42 more tips on how to rent out allotment plots more successfully, check out our free eBook for gardening enthusiasts.
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