Your allotment garden association is struggling with vacancies? Then it is time to actively rent out the allotment gardens. Because there are enough interested parties: all over Germany 5 million people use plots, allotment gardens or allotment gardens. Young families in particular are on the lookout for their own piece of green. In big cities the phenomenon is particularly extreme: in Berlin alone there are currently more than 12,000 people waiting to be able to lease an allotment garden. The waiting time here is up to 5 years.

So the demand is definitely there. You just have to make sure that the interested people find your offer. This requires a little creativity. We help you to stand out – so that in the end you can choose from all the applicants who best suits your club.

1. Less effort when renting via your own website

A website takes the burden off volunteer gardeners. It helps you spend more time in the green – and less time on the phone answering queries from potential tenants.

Because really, it’s always the same questions you have to answer callers:
– Is there an empty plot I can rent right now?
– Who do I contact if I want to rent the allotment?
– How big is the garden? Where is it located exactly?
– Can I plant xxx or build yyy in the garden?
– Can you send me the lease contract?
– I read in the newspaper about the open day. Is it still going to take place?

A website can provide answers to all these questions. Interested parties look here instead of calling you.

All information on one platform

Presenting the allotment garden association

Photos and a few words about the board present the association in a good light. A professional appearance increases the chance that interested people want to be part of your association!

Offer open gardens

Simply place current vacancies online. Potential tenants can see at a glance whether they would like to have the garden and who their contact person is.

Documents for download

Instead of having to send out each membership application individually, prospective members get all the resources here in one click and available 24/7.

Calendar of events

Inform your readers about current events. You can also easily promote these online so that even more guests show up.

Automatically find younger tenants (and other advantages)

Often the reason for vacancy is that the average age in the allotment association is too high. New tenants from the same age group rarely join. That’s why most clubs are looking for young tenants.

And here lies the great advantage of the website of UNSER KGV ONLINE: Young people can be found on the internet, not in newspapers or on the radio. With a modern designed homepage you prove that your allotment garden association is up to date. You make it possible for the young target group to access information as comfortably as they are used to.

Why is it important to find young tenants?

Quite simply, demand is changing. Especially in big cities, more and more young people are looking for allotment gardens. While many gardening enthusiasts prefer to keep to themselves, your association can open up and thus effectively fight against vacancies. In addition, young tenants stay longer – they bring fresh ideas and are the most sustainable tenants!

Read more about the interesting study on “Allotment gardens in transition” here.

In addition, you develop a long-term appearance of your association with the website. With blog posts, current events and the ever new references to vacancies, the website grows. This is authentic, looks organized and simply makes a good impression.

In addition, the website almost by itself ensures that the demand for vacant lots increases. Because if you maintain it carefully, people who google “rent an allotment near me” will be redirected to you.

How an allotment garden association in Braunschweig brought its vacancy rate to 0

The fact that websites also work for allotment gardeners is shown by the KGV Vogelsang e. V. from Braunschweig. Before they had their own homepage, 7 plots were empty – for the small association this was a threat to their existence.

But with the help of their own website, the KGV managed to rent out all 7 plots within a few weeks. The board could even choose who to lease the allotments to. There were twice as many applicants as free plots!

The reason for the successful marketing is the KGV’s new website. From here they started an online marketing campaign in cooperation with UNSER KGV ONLINE: advertising on the internet brought the target group to the homepage where they were convinced of the competent appearance.

Click here for the website of the Vogelsang allotment garden association in Braunschweig.

Do I have to build a website myself now?

No. Fortunately there are templates especially for allotment garden associations. With the packages of “Our KGV Online” you don’t have to hire a designer or a programmer. You also don’t have to learn how to create a homepage yourself. We have already done that for you and your association.

You only have to add the texts, photos, documents and vacant gardens – done!

If there is an acute vacancy at the moment, we will also help you to quickly find young successors via online marketing. Just like we did for the KGV Vogelsang. Everything from a single source in agency quality, extremely easy to use and with a personal contact person to help you with all your questions.

Find out more about how our websites for KGVs can help you.

2. Finding new tenants on the internet on eBay

Just as they used to do in the newspaper, many tenants now search online for classified ads that rent out allotments. There are three major providers for this:

  1. eBay Classifieds: Here you reach the most interested parties.
  2. Quoka: A good alternative to eBay, on which other allotment gardeners may not advertise.

The advertisements on these internet portals are more flexible than the newspaper and mostly cheaper. Moreover, you are again addressing a younger target group. However, many gardeners already advertise on eBay and Quoka. With your own website you stand out from them – this makes you even more interesting in the eyes of potential tenants.

Insider tip: You can link your ad to the website. This way, potential tenants will get even more information about your club. This combination makes up for the disadvantage of online classifieds!

I had found a few allotments, but can’t find them right now. Best to just leave it out then.

Top, then you can update the blog post as soon as the platform is up – Google likes that too, if the content always stays up to date!

3. Cooperation with associations

Some cities help the allotment garden associations to arrange their plots. An example of this is Freiburg im Breisgau. Here the city has its own allotment garden administration. But: Even cities often only link to websites. All the better if the own website stands out.

Regional federations are even more committed to the local groups. For example the regional federation for allotment gardeners in Braunschweig. Here there are also local classified advertisements. A registration with the regional association can therefore help to draw even more attention to current vacancies.

Here you can find out which regional garden association your KGV belongs to.

4. Insider tip: get your tenants to look for you!

Most owners of allotment gardens know someone who is looking for an allotment garden himself. So you might be able to fill the vacant plot quickly from your own ranks.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to call each tenant individually now. Your own website can help you here too: simply set up a mailing list to inform all members about news such as vacancies!

By the way: The UNSER KGV ONLINE package already includes the ready-to-use mailing list. All you have to do is enter the text and a photo and the notification will be sent automatically to all registered members.

Interested parties can sign up for the newsletter via the website. We help you with it, so that the rest happens by itself:

  1. Your mailing list will pick up the new recipient on its own.
  2. You write the mail in one of our professional design templates.
  3. At the end you will even see how many of the mails have been opened and you can make changes accordingly!

We also take care of the rest of the technical stuff you don’t want to deal with. Hosting, data protection, servers, firewalls, security, maintenance – all in one package for one fixed price. Users can even access your website as an app!

Arrange a consultation with your personal contact now or order your desired package online today.

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