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Version: 2.5
  • Especially modern
  • Striking layout (100% width)
  • Large fonts
  • Large format areas

Recommended for clubs that have many high quality photos with good imagery of their club. Only the most important information should be published.


Version: 2.5
  • Classic layout (1024px width)
  • Conventional font sizes
  • Normal size photos
  • Proven functionality

Recommended for clubs that want to publish few photos but a lot of information. In the foreground are club news.


Version: 2.5
  • High quality design
  • Conventional font sizes
  • Larger photos
  • Proven functionality

Recommended for all clubs that want to publish a lot of texts and many good photos. With a more classic design you keep the overview.

Each of our designs becomes your own individual website with your content such as photos, texts, downloads, videos, free gardens and much more.

Playfully simple.

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