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to secure your website sustainably

– Exclusive offer for allotment garden clubs only –

Our 13 years of experience in online business have shown that simply owning a website, for example by means of a content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Typo3, is no longer enough. Websites today are too often spied on, manipulated, abused, hacked or deformed.

Our solution consists of an all-round carefree package. A multitude of security barriers and mechanisms make it difficult for attackers. And should something go wrong, we can fall back on backups and initiate immediate measures.

Our service level protects your website.

Managed Web Hosting

Optimized WordPress storage for your new website. With unlimited traffic. Plus you get email accounts, virus and spam filters. More storage and email accounts on request.

Top Level Domain

You will receive your desired .de domain for your future website under which you will be accessible worldwide. If you already own a domain, simply move it to us using the KK application and AuthInfo.

Managed CMS Firewall

Not only our servers have a firewall, now your website does too. Foreign login attempts are blocked. IPs of attackers are blocked directly.

Managed CMS Antivirus

Regular virus scans not only help your computer but also your new website. Scheduled virus scans thus reduce the risk of infection.

Secure DB

Your website’s database is regularly scanned for malicious code and malicious code is immediately deleted.

Hide CMS Version

In order to publish as little information as possible to unauthorized persons, we hide the version of the CMS system.

Managed CMS Updates

Updating all plugins (extensions) of the website is one of the most important tasks. Known security gaps can be closed quickly this way.

Immediate measures

Every month you will receive 10 minutes for countermeasures from us in case of manipulation by third parties. In this way, OUR KGV ONLINE can take action for you quickly and at short notice and stop possible dangers. In our service level plugin you can see the minutes used at any time.

IP Block

Blocking the IP address of a possible attacker. Already known malicious scripts and servers are also blocked.

256Bit SSL Certificate

An encrypted connection between website viewer and server is an important standard that is also used here.

Managed Backups

We automatically create backups of your complete website for the last 15 days. This way, all data can be restored in exceptional cases.

Managed Recovery

The recovery of website data from the last 15 days is guaranteed by us. One recovery per month is free of charge.

Managed Antispam

So that your blog is not filled with spam or your contact form does not send SPAM, we take care of this defense.

DDOS Attacks

DDOS attacks are blocked by our servers. Your website remains online.

Secure Login

A method developed by us blocks unauthorized third parties already before the login.

WordPress Plugin

You can check the status of your website protection online at any time.

– Our service level is constantly being developed –

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